Opened under the leadership of the Tarip Family, whose experience dates back to the 1960s, Impera Arms, with its professional staff; It continues to grow day by day by adopting the principles of quality and innovation. As a result of our efforts to bring innovations to the world of shotguns, we have proven ourselves with our rifled and smoothbore shotguns introduced to the sector, and we have won the appreciation of our business partners with our exports to many countries of the world. While aiming to move our success forward with the principles of experience and continuous innovation, we are also rapidly advancing on the road to industrial production.Impera Arms cares about its customers first and foremost and always considers requests and suggestions to ensure correct communication. With its interactions in many countries of the world, it produces products according to the demands of the region and further develops its projects to grow with its Continuous R&D capabilities. Its principle aiming to respond fully and completely to the demands of its customers has led Impera Arms to reach not only Turkey but also the whole world and exist in the world market.

Our Vision & Mission

✔ To always produce quality and sound products in our production based on quality and innovation.

✔ To adopt productivity, dynamism and quality in the changing and developing business world and to prioritize original ideas and a positive perspective.

✔ To work in a long-term cooperation with our customers and to leave permanent traces on our industry by offering the best solutions.